Lover’s Supernova

I am perpendicularly in love with you.

Through the worst to your beauty,

I am accurately, precisely, madly crazy about you.

Beginning from the touch of your palm against mine,

the introductory, awkward, periodic exchanges,

to the breath beneath my ear,

the breaking of the surface of innocence,

to the slope of my waist

as your intrepid fingers travels through.


your touches slither,

against my hips,

our lips, together, they glitter.

And the universe, they find majesty from our constellation.

Brought by these diversity of sensations,

they discovered a new dimension

of love and life-

from dawn til moonlight,

we make each other shine bright,



Until there’s supernova encounter

but without the exploding and the dying.

Because our love will be forever living

as long as the lines keep on moving,

intersecting through the points of fate

written on this planet’s orbit.

Our love will commit.

Our destiny will not forfeit.

The conclusion will always be at the never-ending end of the lines,

and that is,

yours and mine.