The numbers are not in a gay man’s favor.
Philip Markle

This is my best advice. It is written, half-drunk, from the stands at a Northwestern football game.

No joke:

Be fearless, Philip. Be fearless in everything, not just on stage. Not just in life. Be fearless in love. TRY. Talk to everyone. Silence your doubts. Wait until later to decide whether he’s not enough. Wait until later to figure out if he doesn’t have IT.

My advice is certainly almost bad. My longest relationship so far was 18 months, which involved an ill-fated out-of-state move, and most of the rest have probably lasted longer than they should.

And yet I’m not unsatisfied. I have loved well, and been loved better. And the only thing I have done is kept trying. And I’m 30, and single. And not without regrets.

But I have loved, and been loved. And I will keep trying. I still expect it will last, eventually. But I can’t predict the future. All I can do is love now. And love tomorrow. That’s all.

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