My sister is a drunk but she can’t see it
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I’d love to give this writer a hug, and say thank-you for being there for their sister. As an alcoholic over a year sober I’d also like to say to them, and to Bill, that I can stand and say I am sober because of my sister. 
And please don’t give up hope on your sister just yet. It could be worth it in the end.

What meant more to me in rehab than any beautiful bunch of flowers or present was her mere presence. She never took my calls before then (admittedly any phone-call 8am on a Tuesday could have been a drunk dial). I was left out of her bridal party. But now we talk, and I still get tingles when her number comes up. Every chance to re-connect again is a little victory.

I hope you and your sister get to see that too. Give yourself a chance at least.

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