[WEMIX Airdrop] MYRTLE Fan Token Global Launch Event

MYRTLE : The world's first Fan Token with real value!​
WEMIX is again showing us how a blockchain could be utilized in real life by introducing the Fan Token service on the world's biggest blockchain gaming platform WEMIX PLAY.

Myrtle Sarrosa, one of the most influential creators in the world of gaming and an active ambassador of WEMADE's revolutionary blockchain game MIR 4, is issuing her Fan Token on January 27th.

To celebrate this monumental event in the world of blockchains, WEMADE is givingaway 200,000 WEMIX to the participants.

Event Duration : January 23, 2023 - February 5, 2023 (UTC+8)
Total Reward Size : 200,000 WEMIX

Register now : https://wn.nr/pKPP2m

🎉 Event Rewards:
​Reward 1 : 1,000 WEMIX each to the 100 top point earners
Reward 2 : 100 WEMIX each to the 1,000 qualifiers(randomly selected)

Join comunity for info : https://t.me/honeycryptoo



Xportal Wallet lottre Air drop win up to 400 EGLD al ready listing binance

The Portal to The Multiverse.

The home of your avatar. Everything finance. A debit card. Friends, chat and social. Accessible to anyone, anywhere.

The Launch Championship
Be among the first to own the MultiversX metal card, plus win awesome prizes by joining today!

How it works
Register with your e-mail address
Confirm your phone number
Install the xPortal app after the Official Launch on February 28, 2023
Winners will be announced through a live lottery on March 15, 2023

Join Now here



Airdrop Enjoy Your Points: ReadON Beta Box is Coming Soon start earn $READ coin

During the beta phase of ReadON APP, users can earn ‘Points’ as a reward for reading and engaging with the app through daily check-ins, tasks, and achievements. The points-earning system is designed to incentivize reading behavior among


Register here and start earn poin

What is the ReadON Beta Box (RBB)

The ReadON Beta Box is a reward available to users during the beta phase of the app and can be redeemed using points.

It contains three parts: Catto Parts, Shopping Carts, and $READ Token Vouchers. By opening the box, users can collect a complete set of NFT parts, which they can then use the forge system to turn into a brand new Catto NFT for free in the app.

Join comunity for info airdrop : https://t.me/honeycryptoo



Gritti Airdrop instan $5 GRI nice p2e game.

Let me introduce to you to @GrittiApp !

Gritti is a Web3-empowered lifestyle social app that helps you to achieve your exercise goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

You will be able to enjoy the innovative running experience while getting rewarded with their GRI token.



CyberCrowd 2023 New Year token Exclusive | Air drop

Let’s share 10 million CCP together! Bring friends to participate in the CyberCrowd New Year’s 10 million airdrop!
Follow Twitter or join Discord, You will get 100 CCP!
Invite 1 friend, you will get 500 CCP!
Invite 3 friends, you will get 1000 CCP…



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