HoneyBook has a new AE - Meet Liam.

Q. What is one entrepreneurial thing you’ve done in the past (or present)?

A. I’m starting a men’s fragrance company! It’s essentially the Warby Parker for millennial men that want to take out the pretentiousness of fragrance. Samples will be sent to your home for free and you ultimately buy the full-size bottle once you’re able to sample the scents on your skin. Say good-bye to getting inundated in a perfume cloud at Macy’s.

Q. What’s one thing you plan on accomplishing this year while you’re at HoneyBook?

A. Having experience at both a high revenue sales company and a high volume transaction start up, I have unique insights that I want to bring to our current sales processes and strategy. I’m keen to working with larger accounts to further cement our share in the market. Some accounts I’m looking forward to working with are DJ groups, photo and video crews, and multiple location venues.

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