How to Get your ASCAP/BMI registered Music on Choon with a Direct License

Hello fellow Choon artists! Groundbreaking news!

It’s actually super simple and legal to put your ASCAP/BMI managed tracks on Choon. All you need to do is notify either ASCAP or BMI of a direct license between you and a user of your music, in this case, the user is Choon.

Keep in mind, I am only providing this information as it pertains to Choon and ASCAP/BMI. I cannot advise the use of a direct license for any other instance or PRO society. For any other PRO than ASCAP/BMI, I recommend that you check directly with the one you are a member of and see IF they accept a direct license for a third party just like how ASCAP and BMI does. The steps for ASCAP/BMI are outlined below, starting with BMI.

Direct License: BMI

It is stated on BMI’s website that BMI members have the right to license their works directly to a third party, and bypass BMI as the collection agency. Members must notify BMI of the license terms and other data as outlined below.

There is only one step, sending a very specific email.

Click on THIS link to access the template Email. Then copy and paste the Email content into a new Email and Email it to the address in the TO: field. Then wait for an Email reply with confirmation before uploading your BMI registered Tracks on Choon.

Direct License: ASCAP

It is stated on ASCAP’s website that ASCAP members have the right to license their works directly to a third party, and bypass ASCAP as the collection agency. Unlike BMI, ASCAP requires a few more steps to secure the direct license. ASCAP provides a specific form that members must fill out and attach to the email they send, declaring the direct license to Choon.

To properly notify ASCAP of a direct or source license, you must complete and submit a form entitled “Notice of Direct/Source License.” This must be done through Member Access — ASCAP’s online member portal using their communication service.

Step 1

Access the ASCAP form here or from your Member Access account.

Step 2

Download the form as an Excel format under “FILE” upper right hand side corner.

Step 3

Fill out your information in the sections in Red text color, but leave the black text as it is.

Step 4

Attach the completed form and send as a Member Service Inquiry, via your Member Access account.

Category: My Royalties

Topic: Notice of Direct License

Finally, submit the inquiry!

You should get a reply in a few days confirming that they received your notice of direct license and that they won’t collect royalties from the direct license user (Choon.) Please wait on confirmation before uploading your ASCAP registered Tracks on Choon.

If you have any questions, please contact the Choon support team at

Choon on!

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