Never Give Up

I have been going through this absurd phase where everyday seems to be so hard that it seems to be a big struggle in itself , I feel so emotional and mentally drained that I sometimes started having out of body experience , wherein I was physically present but mentally absent . Sometimes I even questioned my existence. But this is not me , I always considered myself as a“Fighter”. And yes , maybe I went through these extremely obnoxious phase. But still I wont give up, no matter how hard it seems.

And that is what I want to tell you I have lots of reasons in support to this point , I know most of you who are going through this rough stage must be saying what I know about you , so I have no right to tell you that you don’t give , maybe the person you trusted in the world have given upon you , maybe you have lost the most precious thing or person of your life , maybe there is something which really upsets you and makes feels humiliated. Or maybe something really bad has happened to you. But believe me life is worth living .

If you think being born as human and given this amazing opportunity of living , feeling and expressing yourself in this universe which no other living can do expect us a great reason ,then let me give you more:

  1. As long as you live anything is possible : As long as you are alive everything is possible , and the only valid reason not to give is that you are not dead.
  2. You are strong : You are stronger than you think . You have come this far and have faced all this by yourself . And any reason is not sufficient enough to stop you from keep going.
  3. Prove Yourself: If the people around you don’t believe in you , they underestimate you , or try to tell you that you are not worthy … Prove them wrong your life is your journey and it is your right to do what is good for you.
  4. You Are So Close
    Often when you feel like you want to give up and you are about to give up you are so close to making a huge break-through. Seth Godin has written an awesome book about this called “The Dip” – a riveting read that teaches that at any given time you are always just a heartbeat away from success.