Using My Own Words

Broadly working in the field of marketing and communications I write a lot, for different companies and brands, on different subjects, for different audiences. Whether drafting a tender response to help secure a contract, or crafting a press release to try raise wider awareness, the process is the same. Who am I? Who is the audience? What is the nature of the communication channel and how can I make it engaging? What is the core message? What are the brand values I am trying to reflect? After I have considered all of this, I produce hopefully engaging and appropriate copy for the purpose, then wait to see how successful this has been (usually massively of course).

The writing not quite on the wall

So now I face a challenge, I want to share my thoughts, perhaps express an opinion and hopefully challenge some generally accepted perceptions. Whilst of course provoking my own thoughts, those of others or maybe event providing some amusement.

But it is already proving difficult, as I have found out that I have lost the ability to write for myself. What is my brand? What values do I wish to portray? Who am I even talking to? I have to deconstruct, (yes I hate that word too), my whole working purpose. I have to shut away my inner marketing voice, I need to step out of the safety of the brand identities of my clients, to find my own.

I will continue now to break all of my own rules and write for an unspecified audience, without purpose, or establishing the brand guidelines and determining the correct tone and voice. As only with this approach do I think I will only be able to work out the answers to these questions, by metaphorically actually putting pen to paper and letting the voice out.

This is the first piece I have written for this purpose, it may well be the last, but in these ooh 350 words I have made a start, a small one, let’s see how this goes then shall we.