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The one trait I’ve discovered as a thread among all the most successful and elite people? They make the most of everything, whether rich, poor, skilled, inexperienced, wise, or new, all of them were able to not only attain, but maintain success by constantly making use of everything. If you like this topic I will make more content to show you how to achieve this.

Even if you literally have nothing, or it absolutely seems that way, this mentality of making the most of it will get you through that. Even the most successful and richest people have lost it all only to hit rock bottom, it was only the ones that stayed down to earth and realize not to be petty, hoarding or selfish but to instead to continue along the same path unconditionally of truly making use of everything.

After all what use is anything if it is not employed, eventually it will lose all value unless its value grows being unused over time in which case you should focus on how you are going to bank on that value, so it is the same principle in the end, it is just a more nuanced respect on the principle, considering the longterm and specific cases where the principle doesn’t seem to apply as obviously; at heart it is always applying as one needs to make the most use of information to know what will increase the most in value and continue to be informed to know when its value will peak and continue to make the most use of their energy to properly manage, buy or sell their investments at the right time, so it applied just as much, if not more for an investor who needs to minimize risks in a potentially risky business, making use of all his or her facilities, inside and out end up being crucial to increase the likelihood of remaining on the right path.

The key for this to work is to not make the most of something, one thing or even everything in one area, but to literally make the most of everything possible from your perspective thus leaving no gaps or loopholes in your process.


Hi everybody out there in cyberspace, I’m Sharif and I’m here with

Today I’m going to be talking about how to find your ‘Invincible Value.’ Now, there’s a common thread that I noticed among, you know, different celebrities and different elite people and people who are successful, not even necessarily successful in wealth and finance but in other areas of their life too. Let’s say their physical fitness, just their ability to study for instance, or hit certain records, or achieve certain goals that are fantastic continuously.

So what is this “Invincible Value” as I call it? Is it one thing that you can do that’s going to make everything work out well? That’s the thing; yes and no. In the sense that a big mistake, I think, that holds a lot of people back a[t a] certain level is; to think that there is one channel or one thing that’s going to pretty much be everything your end all and be all to get to where you want and… The reality is, there could be one thing for now that might enhance what you’re doing and then another thing later that can enhance it from there, but it’s never really just, you know, “one thing.”

It’s usually a system of things. A world of things. Multiple different things that you do that are interconnected and related together in your process that, when you’re continuously managing and implementing and growing through that, you’re able to get towards your goal and your vision and the direction you’re going in. So I basically put it really simply in terms of finding you’re invincible value in that you simply have to make most of everything: make the most of everything. I’ll say that again, make the most of everything… and that sounds really simplistic and easy and boring and it doesn’t seem like it would help much, but if you think about it and you don’t just look at it in one way, then you will see how powerful this can be.

When I say “make the most of everything,” I don’t only mean the current resources you have. You see, some people, they’re not in a very good situation, let’s say they’re poor. Let’s say [it] is the extreme, they’re homeless okay; but that doesn’t mean that they can’t get out of it. It doesn’t mean that they will. It doesn’t mean that they won’t worsen, but the truth is every one of these situations exists. If you look at someone who’s, let’s say, considered very successful in some way, let’s say, to keep it simple, monetarily successful. They’re affluent. They’re a millionaire okay? You’ll see one person who became a millionaire and who lost it all and never gained it back. That does exist. Situations like that occur where they somehow figured it out, they were in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing, but then they weren’t able to repeat it. Then you have people who, same thing happened, they got it and then they lost it all, they’re back to square one or back at zero, or perhaps even gone into debt, but they find a way to make it again and perhaps they keep building and they make it even better and more. They do better than they ever had.

This could be not even monetary stuff it could be, let’s say, you’re winning in competitions. You end up winning a competition in your favourite sport or your current talent or skill that you’re deeply involved in but you’re not able to maintain that status. You’re not able to win again. It’s just everything can seem to line up, it works that time and your training and everything you put together, for some reason the stars align, but you were able to do it again, and worse now you’re out of shape because you got complacent, you know ,or you got depressed because you weren’t able to keep up your A-Game or whatever it is…

So the point I’m trying to make is that there might be someone else who is not such a good sport person or not so good at that talent in that company, those kind of competitions and has been losing for years, but eventually they win and the thing is they’re able to keep winning after that and they’re able to keep growing and keep their status… So what is that? There’s this this pattern that I have noticed, like I said, and it’s making use of everything.

You have to look at it more than just making use of only your environment or things like that, but you also got to look within yourself as well. Your environment is really important but if you’re not able to question yourself and say “Am I making the most of my environment?” and “Is what I think that is available to me in my environment really what’s available to me?” “Maybe there’s more or other things available I haven’t considered so I really have to make the most of my own facilities within myself, my thinking my … way or attitude, behaviour and patterns of behaviour.” You know, assessing situations, that is really key and integral.

Your judgement is going to be so important. Two people could read the same book, have the same resources, but one of them is going to get a lot more value out of it if they’re focused on where they want to go, their direction and they’re, you know, aware of what’s open to what might help them. Whether it’s something they had already thought of or a question they have or the possibility that there’s information out there that they haven’t even thought of but that is going to help us with the goal. But the point is if they don’t know where their goal is, they’re not crystal clear on where they’re trying to go, they’re not going to get as much value.

It’s just going to be a bunch of information stacked, then you’re going to have to memorize it and you don’t know what’s the value and what is not. A lot of people, a lot of students, may stress themselves out for that or just people who are trying to study or learn something new and then get overwhelmed for that reason; because they don’t have that target they might have a general big idea: “I want to get good at something” or “I want to learn something” … but if you don’t have that end goal or that higher mission then you you might be in trouble and, so another point, so that’s one thing you have to have that goal. You have to have that vision. You have to be able to once again make use of everything. Question yourself, and it’s all about questioning, it makes you’re sure you really know your ability to think, your logical analysis, your ability to make connections, the ability to question yourself and your feelings if they’re really true.

What you hold value in are you in fact embodying that right now with the things you’re doing right now? With what you’re truly valuing, are the things you’re doing right now, today, going to lead you to where you envision you want to go? Is the place you envision you want to go even accurate for yourself and what you really want? …or is it being clouded or influenced by some things you heard or believed about either the world around you? People around you? Your own feelings, impulsive emotions and just things you thought or taught yourself to think that you thought was right but it’s not necessarily correct?

So you really have to make the most of your facilities. One bum… just a homeless person, or someone who’s in an unfortunate situation, I don’t want to judge anybody, I just, when I’d say something like bum, I’m not trying to be insulting or demeaning, I’m just trying to be clear and quick about what I’m speaking but to be polite, someone who’s not doing as well (laughs). One of them, one person of that stature may be able to get out of it by considering:

Why is it some people are doing better than others? Why are some people in decline? You know, whether it be from lower classes or the higher class, why are some people on the incline? No matter the class, why are some people able to maintain their success and growth and some people are up and down, and some people just down and some people are just stagnant?

If you can ask these questions no matter what situation you’re in, you think, observe and you can think for yourself… I have a perfect little tidbit here just as I’m doing this, you see, I did a few takes of this video and I got really tired, I was kind of burning out and you know what I did I decided? “Okay I’m going to stretch.” and I focused on my groins my legs where I’m really tight and gradually and slowly and carefully, I focused on stretching that more and more and just went in-depth into that. Then I finally got to that part where I’m feeling0 “Okay. This is where the real stretch is. So let’s just stay here calm. Just let it work itself out, you know, stick with it, stay focused, you know, stay calm and relaxed…” and all that. Then I finally got a real good stretch out of it, you know a little bit of flexibility. Like really focused, not just “Okay. I got to a certain point in my stretching, it’s done.” or … focusing on stretching things that are already easy to stretch, I’m already flexible, but focusing on that difficult hard point. That actually gave a kind of energy after that pose, fully energized. If you [had] instead the same problem as someone who’s sitting on a computer all day or someone who’s got to stand all day and don’t [seem to] have time to stretch, lie down, raise their legs. All the different people with different situations, depending on their behaviour can improve on it whether it be in health or financial or what-have-you.

So, let’s say, that a bum… I have a perfect story that goes along with this, even in my own first-hand experience, well… The first place I worked at was a door-to-door sort of type of sales type of business where we go and sell people door-to-door; one of the top managers at the company at the time, he, believe it or not, was actually once homeless. He worked his way to eventually borrow or find or buy from the thrift store some kind of suit so that he could apply for the job as a salesman. He actually ended up telling the truth and said what he went through to get there and they gave him the job. Eventually he learned the sales skills. He practiced every day, He did it every day he was in and out on the work. He was a dedicated and he became one of the top managers.

The possibilities are endless right? So don’t assume that just because someone is in a good situation, they’re going to be able to maintain or grow from there, or that someone in a bad situation, that there’s no way out and the same with you.

Realize that you have to make the most of everything, not just around you like I said, that’s also important, but within you to know the direction you need to go to and therefore get the best value of what’s around you. To know what resources make the most sense to be able to extract what’s most important to you from those resources or from your current situation, your current environment right now. What you’re doing now to reassess, to make sure you’re not working only in your business or inside the steps to get towards, the direction, you are to make sure that you are going in the right direction, that that step is the right step, right now on your roadmap to get to where you’re going. To you see if you’re only working in the business, if we’re going to talk from a business sense, then what you’re doing is you’re only driving the car, but when you work on the business you also make sure that you have the right car, that your car is designed in the right way, that it’s not going to fall apart. You’re making sure that you’re maintaining and updating the car itself not just making sure that you’re driving there. You’re making sure that you know how to drive and you’re making sure that you’re following all the rules so you don’t get in a car crash or another problem on the way there so you can make it to your destination.

You have to be crystal clear about your destination, like I said, but you also need to know how you’re going to get there, what is the map. You’re going to want a map and you’re going to need to know all the steps to get there and everything while you’re driving. Let’s say you take a turn, you have to reassess, “Did I make the right turn or the wrong turn?” because even if you keep driving but you made a wrong turn, now look against the map; you’re going in a completely different direction. That’s why you always have to make use of everything.

So you’ll say “Okay. I gotta study more.” [or] “Okay. I got to work more.” you know, “I’ve got a strategize more.” Well the thing is you have to do all of those things you know? You have to think outside of the box and innovate more. You have to maintain and manage more. Like I said, it’s never one thing. So the real “one thing” that you can focus on is “Am I making the most of everything?” “Is there something I haven’t considered?” and that’s where all the questioning comes from. You question yourself. You question your environment. You question the validity of the information and resources and thinking you have, your feelings and you reassess and make sure that it is correct… optimize, change, modify and ensure that you’re going where you want to go.

Another thing I want to say is, your goals themselves, making sure that you’re not so limited in your goal, or that you… try to have such a perfect idea of what kind of resources you’re going to need exactly to not be overly… specified and limited in exactly what you want. You may have a goal of getting much higher than where you are right now and you might have a specific goal that you want to target. Then you work backwards from there and figure out all the steps to do that and make sure you do them in the right order and ensure that you’re working on that right now in the best way possible for sure, but at the same time you never want to just make that your final ultimate thing, like some concrete higher goal that you have and then it’s done, and then that’s finished. It can’t be that all alone by itself. You also need a higher value, a higher mission. So that even if you attain that goal which you’re going to need to set and you’re going to need to go towards like I said, you also have something higher to go towards and look at. It’s not limited to this … what you think is a perfect; place to be, amount of resources to have… Instead question “Is it really?” and “Is there more?” and “Is there better?” and “Is there something more appropriate for me?” but you always got to get going and you always got to be working on it so that way you never reach that, sort of what I call … “the golden straitjacket” but it’s known as the golden handcuffs as well.

That’s, let’s say you went from the poor class into the middle class and then you can’t get up it’s really hard to go up and that’s often because you might be really happy with what you have, but you’re not growing. You’re not learning. You’re stagnating and eventually you decline which is eventually making you not so happy. Now it could be just in another area of your life, like I said, maybe you can improve your relationships for instance, or you could learn more about spirituality or the inner self and things like that, take up meditating or some kind of kung-fu practice, a combination of both that works, you know, coherently… Whatever it is you do, you always need to be progressive. You always need to be improving.

You can’t leave your ambitions and your goals to be too limited. You need to have them in [that] you need to be realistic and you need to figure out how to get there, but don’t be so bogged down into the realism part of it. Now you need that rationality of that logic so that you can figure out the steps against your current situation, really being self-aware of where you’re really at and really evaluating what you think might be true might be wrong. What you think might be good about you might not be so, but what you think might you not be very good at, in fact you might be better than average at. So you really have to always assess and calibrate and make the most of everything.

With that as your foundation, with your clear direction and vision which you’ve evaluated properly and your clear assessment of where you are now and that positive perspective of making the most of what you have now to get there and constantly, you know, tracking where you are to ensure that you’re still going in the right direction on your map or blueprint of where you’re going with and using the right process, constantly optimizing and improving how you’re getting there, driving better, more smoothly, you know, more within the rules to avoid more problems and accidents, all that kind of thing; so once you have that, all you have to do is be consistent … with your higher values, where you want to go and with what it takes to get there, constantly improving on your understanding and your process and yourself in your practice.

Anyway, so I hope that will help you define your Invincible Value.

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