Most People Don’t Have What It Takes To Be Entrepreneurs

Too bad I don’t think most people don’t have what it takes to be entrepreneurs and most entrepreneurs don’t want to be politicians, so that’s why politicians come in between and create a culture that is neither entrepreneurial nor in the best interests of the people and why no one is happy. This leads to the successful entrepreneurs trying to bribe the politicians to not screw them, but they end up being much more powerful than the common folk, since most politicians love money, which then pisses off the people, and rightly so forcing politicians to lie or delay policy initiatives.

Therefore if the system worked so that the most successful entrepreneurs had to become public officials to prevent bribery and citizens encouraged to become entrepreneurs to prevent deceit leaving the ordinary citizens to work for the entrepreneurs and officials with no power… in effect it would be more or less the same as today, but less complicated, needing not the meddling of middle management, which is how politicians act today, but would be direct power and a culture of entrepreneurialism, encouraging hard work, progress, and intelligence. The unemployed would be put to minimum wage jobs until they could find other unemployment while the disabled or those who can’t work provided for privately, or in very limited cases, covered by taxes.

Unfortunately (though perhaps necessary) there’s a long history which requires the upholding of war (though it could have been abolished) for sovereignty, which entrepreneurs tend to not want to deal with directly, which is why politicians do the dirty work, and criminal organizations are threaded into the system through old ties forcing the government to overlook “loopholes” in the system, with mafia and gangs bribing the police.

This makes it hard for politicians to regulate, complicated for entrepreneurs to influence and in the end it all comes down to the people. When the people realize they are the ones who hold the power, anything can happen! That’s why there’s so much vested interest in a massive media machine that spins lies 24/7 and now the internet’s open nature has had the FCC try to control it and failing; all while the mainstream media is losing a vicious war for mindshare online.

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