I tried looking out of the window and the boredom seems to be outside too. Researching on the benefits of boredom doesn’t help anymore. It was a tough lesson but the realization of the impracticability of random online ideas on how to make boredom fructifying is a subpar trade-off, at best, for the thrills of new knowledge. It’s a shame that there are a only a handful of such articles that offered something reasonably new, before the gentle transition into a cyclic rhetoric of boredom being a prerequisite tool for maintaining healthy excitement thresholds.

The view outside is a bleak stare, the most obvious movement being the gentle oscillation of a “masquerade” tree. It was much easier to keep looking at the tree than allow the drab lecture permeate the substance of my brain, or even worse, sleep off. I could hear most of what the Professor said, but my loose thoughts were not with him. I believe these loose thoughts were coming together to form something interesting but the class ended. Oh my, the excitement.


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