10 Annoying Things That Horsey People Do/Say

I was recently reading an article about annoying things that non-horsey people say {The Horse And Hound} and I thought to myself “what are some annoying things that horsey people say/do?” So I have compiled a list of annoying thing that horsey people do/say.

“We have such a connection”

We all know that one rider that seems to think that they have a magical connection with every horse they comes in contact with. They could have just ridden that horse once but somehow all the laws of science don’t apply to them. It has been shown, by scientific study, that it takes years for a horse and his rider to create a strong connection {to read please visit TheHorse.com}

Critiquing Others Riding

I have been guilty of this a couple times, but there is nothing more unpleasant than sitting next to the “judges” at the show. You all know what I’m talking about, those couple of people that point out every flaw while someone else is riding.

“Can I Borrow….”

There always seems to be that one person in the barn that is never prepared. They are always asking to borrow something. I don’t mind if you have to borrow something every now-and-then. But eventually I will just start lying and saying that I don’t have whatever you want.

To The Tail Biters

When you are having a nice trail ride, enjoying the quiet, listening to the birds; and then you turn around to see that someone is riding too close. You tell them to back up and they do, but 10 minutes later you turn around and they are, again, tail biting you. No matter what you do, they always seem to be right there, stuck on you like glue.

Saying “Whoa” to Your Family and Friends

Most horsey people have gotten into the habit of saying “whoa” when ever you want your horse to stop. Which is usually fine until you leave the barn and you forget to turn off your “whoa” reflex. It is always quite awkward and annoying when you have to explain to someone why you told them “whoa” while they were walking too fast.

Slowing Down To See Horses In The Field

Every equestrian can admit to slowing down, while driving, to look at horses in field at least once. We all do it when we see that beautiful bay thoroughbred galloping through the field. This may be enjoyable to us, but it can be quite annoying to anyone driving behind us.

“Look At This Picture Of My Horse”

We all know those grandmas/parents that are constantly showing everyone pictures of their grandkids/children. We also all know the horsey version, the one that is always showing pictures of the most recent horse that they rode. But you gotta love them, they are always interested in seeing pictures of your horses.

Not Taking Care Of Their Horses Themselves

No matter what barn you go to, you will probably find at least one horse owner that likes the idea of owning a horse over actually owning one. Their visits to see their horse gets fewer and fewer and it seems that you brush their horse more than they do. You constantly think “If they weren’t going to be the ones to take care of their horse then why did they get one?”

“It’s Not That Dirty”

There is no doubt that after working with horses for awhile our standard of cleanliness changes. This can be quite annoying to others that my happen to get in our odor range. These phrases seem to pop up alot in our vocabulary…. “It’s not too dirty.” “There is only a little bit of mud on this.” and the famous “I’ll take a shower after I stop by the store.”

“I need more __”

Whether it is more polo wraps, saddle pads, or horses, we always seem to “need” more of it. If we still had all the money that we spent on our horses then we surely would be millionaires.

So I hope you liked this article. I always find it fun to laugh at ourselves a bit. You can get updates on new blog posts by subscribing to our email list or liking our Facebook page. What are some annoying things that your horsey friends {or you} do? Leave them in the comments below.


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