Simple Tricks To Teach Your Horse

Tricks are a good way to engage your horses mind, to expand his reasoning capabilities, to get him to pay attention to body language and voice commands, and to strengthen your bond. Plus they are fun to show your friends and family.


This trick usually brings lots of laughter. When a horse curls his upper lip when he smells something funny it kinda looks like a smile.

Step One:

Put the halter and lead rope on your horse and stand in front of him. Then place a strange smell underneath your horse’s nose, such as a cut onion or ammonia. When he curls his lip say “smile.” If his lip does not curl then use a feather or your finger to tickle his lip until it does curl.

Step Two:

When he does step one correctly then reward him greatly with treats, pats, and vocal praise.

Step three:

Repeat step one and two several times until he does it whenever you say “smile.” This will take several BRIEF sessions until he can do it when you say “smile” without an onion or ammonia.

To “Hug” You

This is a cute, very simple trick that doesn’t take much time to teach your horse.

Step One:

Take your horse to a small enclosed space and take off all restraints. Stand with your back to his shoulder and use a treat to coax your horse to bend his neck around you. While doing this clearly say “hug.” It is very important to say it clearly and directly.

Step Two:

Ounce he bends his neck around you reward him with pats, treats, and vocal praise. Continue doing step one until he bends his head around you with the verbal command “hug” without the coaching of a treat.

Kiss Your Cheek

Step One:

In an enclosed space take off all restraints on your horse. Allow your horse to take a treat from your hand, then hold a treat 2 feet away from him. When he steps towards the treat hold it to your cheek and say “kiss.”

Step Two:

Continue the step where you put a treat to your cheek several times; be sure to say “kiss” every time, clearly and directly.

Step Three:

Give the command “kiss” — before offering the treat. If he kisses your cheek then reward him with treats, vocal praise and pats and move on to step four. If he does not kiss your cheek then continue step one and two several times and then try again.

Step Four:

Once your horse successfully performs the trick by voice command wait 10–15 minutes. After that time repeat step three several time. This will help your horse to learn and remember the trick much easier. Do not do this trick if your horse is known to bite.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you try any of these then tell us how it went in the comments below. If you have any other tricks that you love to do with your horse then tell us them in the comments also.If you liked this article then share it with your friends on Facebook.


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