2015 NBA Media Interviews: Power Rankings

By Julian Obiedo


Contractually, NBA players are to be available to the media before and after games for a minimum of 5 minutes. They also are available during practices and in game interviews as well. With allstar weekend upon us, the most media has been put in front of these athletes and now we get to see the cream of the crop. Here are the power rankings in week 16 of the top interviewees in the association.

#5: Draymond ‘Day Day’ Green

It’s not surprising the most vocal player on the team with the league’s best record (Warriors, 42–9) is top 5 in the power rankings. However, the unfortunate thing is that there isn’t a microphone in his face as much as there should be, and for that reason he comes in at number 5. His greatest interview skill is knowing what to say, and what not to say. Much like his on the court IQ, his off the court IQ is just as high, because his emotions can get out of hand easily, ex. when he didn’t have to pay for a team dinner. He as competitive as it comes, and it comes out when he wants to prove a point, like when he wanted to make fun of James Hardens, of Houston Rockets, comments before facing the Warriors. “They ain’t that good,” Harden exclaimed about the Warriors, to which Green used in a sarcastic interview after sweeping the Rockets in the season series. He’s great with the media, and with his sudden arrival this season it’s a pleasant surprise.

#4: Deandre ‘D.J.’ Jordan

This 7-footers versatility is probably the best in the NBA, and that includes off the court interviews. His LA lifestyle has probably affected his actions in front of the camera, and he’s shown his skills on many occasions, even if he’s not speaking at all. He has a love for being a showman, and his All-Star teammate, Blake Griffin, has probably helped, Griffin having taken acting and comedy classes during the offseason. While Deandre is a good interviewer, he’s probably a better video-bomber, as he seems to get distracted just a bit when he’s just a one-on-one interviewer.

#3: Kevin ‘Iceberg Slim’ Durant

A new addition to the power rankings, Durant seems to have taken a turn as of late, making a surprising statement in a recent interview at media day in New York for All-Star weekend. “You guys really don’t know shit…” he said to reporters. What a different side of Durant we’re seeing. This isn’t the same Durant that won MVP just one year ago, and was crying during the MVP interview, this new Durant is “… only here talking to y’all because I have to, so I really don’t care. Y’all not my friends.” He’s breaking out his shell. A new ad campaign that came out the beginning of last season saying “KD is not nice,” is certainly coming true as he is picking up more technical fouls every season, 16 last season, 12 the year before, and a total of only 12 during his first 4 years in the league. Durant is finally taking this “not nice” idea to a level where everyone is realizing that he’s serious, and this has landed him in the top 3 for media power rankings, however, he is not the only player on his team on this list, as his running mate might just take the cake.

#2: Demarcus ‘Boogie’ Cousins

Boogie, typically a softer spoken man has always been in love with his fans, and the media. Ever since he was drafted #5 to the Sacramento Kings, his intensity on the court has always been, well, intense. He’s been the leader of the team ever since and one of the leaders in technical fouls in the league as well. While he has calmed down as of late, and become more mature, the team has been making changes without even telling him, so his emotions have started to return. After putting the Suns away last week with a game winner Boogie discussed “God’s Plan” in the post game interview. This is the stuff of legend. One answer and an immediate exit is the way to go. We can expect more from Boogie as the pressure to get his team to the playoffs looms larger and larger. His potential is sky high at this point.

#1: Russell ‘Furious Styles’ Westbrook

While Kevin Durant may be the reigning MVP of the NBA, Russ is the the MVP of the interview. He’s taken the league by storm with his new signature moves of being cold and repetitive to media members, and as Jalen Rose would put it “He’s keeping it 100”. A few weeks ago he responded to all of his questions with “We executed,” or “We did a good job of executing.” This interview is so legendary that the soon to be Hall-of-Famer, Paul Pierce, tried to pull the same move. Westbrook has always been one of the most feisty and most focused players on the court, but it’s also showed off the court as well. His attitude has definitely been transferred to his teammate Durant as he’s been climbing the Interview power rankings as well. Their team, the OKC Thunder, are currently outside of the playoff pictures sitting at 9th place. As long as these two superstars stay focused at all times, they can hopefully sneak in to 8th place and continue to get some good wins.

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