When my soul engine died I the system I stopped at rutted and gutted deep in the cosmic lint of an unknown galaxy. My spirit grease didn’t allow for a sprint across this silent sea but then I was Routed. I swam into the black unknown; my diamond skin breeds patience.

“Could I get these in a smaller size”
“Airlifted to the Lukiškės prison today”
“Marked down down down down downd odwond nwod”

Hunkered and spread like jam butter under the civilization parameter a vector of a trillion x’s larger than the primary form but a civ ovum life and each bee and ape and ox and form is Routed then and yet and make do for go.

I exploded into their atmosphere, their networks and net worths their eyes and cheers undergoing a dance of chewing atoms waylaid underfoot of my foot and lip of my lip and
hair of my h
air when I couldn’t anymore the
soul engine dipping
in waiting for its fuel

They were Routed in and the Earth became a tear
drop because instantly and I mean instantly my form dented and
distented I plonged through deadrock and bedrock and
magma and magnus
ex æterna
and I

set sail again

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