It’s the first day of 2018 and one of my goals for the year is to write 500 words everyday on my new blog. I thought it absolutely pertinent that I dive right in and strike while the hand of the clock is still hot. Now, I don’t know if there’s a science to it but I do know that just by merely tackling this goal on the first of January, I’ve increased my chances by (feel free to insert any percentage you deem fit, just be sure it’s not 0) to keep up with this resolve through the year. This one has been a long time coming, nothing spectacular happened to make me actually start writing seriously (yes, this is serious writing, just in case you were wondering), I just got tired of being afraid of writing, actually, no, what happened was, I paid heed to Eleanor Roosevelt’s words, “Do one thing everyday that scares you” and GUESS WHAT? This is the second thing i’m doing today that scares me, so YAY!!!

I am beginning to fully realize that most of my fears are irrational and they only had power over me because I gave them that power. It really does feel good to take back that power. I am curious and looking forward to seeing what I’ll do tomorrow and the next and the next and the next and the next. Err…no, this is not a ploy to get to my 500 word count for the day like some of those OLD Nollywood movies where the party would go on for 30 minutes just to draw out the length of the movie, meanwhile, emphasis on OLD; There’s been a lot of growth in the industry and the content is getting to be more on point, The NEW crop of Nollywood movies are absolutely to die for and super cool, I’m so proud of us but I digress…

In the past 17 hours since 2018 began, here are 3 and a half things I’ve learnt:

  1. It was easier to make my goals for the year than it was in the past because my goal setting muscle has been in constant use for at least the past 11 months. I realized that the goal setting muscle is just like any other muscle, it gets bigger and offers less friction with use. By this time last year, it was a struggle for me and I was nowhere near setting my goals even though it kept niggling at me, in fact, it wasn’t until the 8th of February that I finally got round to making my goals after procrastinating and stalling but not this year. Oh, by the way, telling yourself you’re going to do this or achieve that isn’t exactly goal setting, you know how they say it’s only a dream until you write it down and then it becomes a goal? It’s absolutely spot on. So if you’re finding it a struggle to come up with your goals for the year or you’re just thinking, ‘Goals? What the hell are those? I’ll just wing it.’ I can relate, totally.
  2. Writing my goals first thing in the morning made the process seem like a natural thing and was so effortless (apart from the money figure which I had a bit of an inner debate on, I went with the higher figure though, way to go! Got nothing to lose, eh?), like breathing air. First off, I was very intentional of how I wanted to start the year and that meant going to bed early (despite the tempting invitations and festivities all around) which I knew would lead to waking up early, before 6AM. I read countless times about how most successful people rise up between 4 and 6AM and in the past year, I began modelling them and its no ruse, there’s something magical about the Universe at that time. I’ll try my best in explaining it from my standpoint, I doubt I’ll do it enough justice though but here goes…between 4 and 6AM, the air is fresh and has a life of it’s own and it reaches out to gently caress you, if you go outside or stand by your window and stay still for a moment you’ll feel that caress. Between 4 and 6AM, although it may still be dark, for some reason which I’m not sure of, the darkness isn’t intimidating or fearsome, on the contrary. I stare out at the darkness and it makes me feel wholesome, and in that time, it’s just me and there’s the World and the World is all mine and I can do anything I set my mind to do and there’s usually a nudging inside of me to create and with that nudging comes bursts of energy and I just dive in to do whatever I need to get done and unlike other times of the day, it is effortless like breathing air. But back to the list.
  3. I don’t need several goals as one goal might just be specific enough to be laser-focused on one aspect of my life and at the same time broad enough to encompass all aspects of my life. That goal for me has been the words of Eleanor Roosevelt — DO ONE THING THAT SCARES YOU EVERY DAY.

3. (and half) A goal that makes a daily ask of me is a goal that is most likely to be achieved because the sauce, the juice, the koko, is not just in showing up but in showing up daily and taking teeny, tiny steps not a thousand steps.

I know it’s still early days (actually hours!) but if you already set your goals for 2018 what lessons have you taken away with you?

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