I’ve spent more time in hardware stores in the past two months than I have in my entire life. I’m looking for just the perfect knobs for a sofa table I am refinishing. It started out as this forgotten, dusty, old piece of furniture — dinged up and worn out, and I’m hoping to revive it again.

Actually, that’s not really the origin of this table. Behind the dust, old lacquer, and dings there was once a lustrous, mahogany table. One that someone bought because they wanted it — because it was beautiful. Sometime in between now and then, it got worn out. And yet, there is greater beauty in this third go-around for this beat-up piece of furniture.

With the rise of shows like “Fixer Upper,” — I’ll admit, I’ve binge-watched it all! — there’s a marked interest in making things beautiful again. (Now I know what shiplap is!) There’s something old and beautiful back there that just needs a little love to look wonderful again.

I used to think that by refinishing an old piece, I was taking something fundamentally yucky and turning it into something pretty. I’m reminded that all of these things — my mahogany table and the shiplap that once was — didn’t start out old and dusty. They once were brand new. Continue reading here!

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