In Edo State, Politics is Superior to Education

“Have you noticed how beautiful Benin city is these days?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Oh, so you want to tell me that you have not seen the beautification project of Godwin Obaseki”.

“Who is Godwin Obaseki? I thought Oshiomole is still the governor”

“Did I say Godwin Obaseki is the governor? At least, not yet; he is the gubernatorial candidate of the ruling party, All Progressives Congress”.

“Okay, what beautification project is he doing when he is not the governor?”

“When last did you visit Benin city? If you had visited in the past one month, you will see Godwin Obaseki’s pictures everywhere in the city. He is perhaps now more popular than the governor.”

“Oh! You mean all those billboards, posters and banners I see around the city. You are right, the guy is really trying. He must have spent a lot of money on those things.”

“Before nko? Have you seen those beautiful sights of Airport Road, Ring Road, Sapele Road and Akpapka?“

“Yes, I see it. What are you driving at?”

“Come to think of it, is it true that our leaders only think right when elections are approaching? Whoever thinks Benin city can be this beautiful with adverts?”

“It is true o! Why has government not thought of it to generate IGR?”

“Na wa o! Why are you talking like this? I am quite sure a media agency would have approached the government but because of their bloated throats and stomach, they will never allow it. They will rather use those precious spaces for election campaigns than for generating revenue.”

“Hmmm! You have a point.”

“But what has the politics in the state got to do with education? Did you hear something else?”

“Hahaha. Very hilarious question,”

“Why are you laughing?”

“Why won’t I laugh? Have you not heard that WAEC has cancelled Mathematics paper in the state because of the election on September 10?”

(Sighs) “Now I get. This is very troublesome. Our leaders have finally relegated education to second division and promoted politics above everything.”

“You see my friend, the trouble has not started yet. By the time these children miss their exams and turn out to be touts and hooligans, that is when the real trouble starts.”

“I also learnt that the students will now relocate to Ondo and Delta states to write the exams. And all this is at the expense of the parents. Not a kobo from the government.”

“I would have even be happier if the government could arrange free transportation for the poor students and their parents.”

“Which government are you talking about? The same one that is too busy for elections and thinking of how to retain power?”

“This country is difficult my brother. No wonder we have such huge problems.”

“Anyway, less I remember, please vote for me o.”

“You ke? Are you contesting any elections?”

“Have you not heard that I was nominated for Junior Chambers International list of Ten Outstanding Young Persons in Nigeria.”

“Oh! That one, I have voted for you now. Since sef.”

“Okay, thank you. Are you aware that multiple voting is allowed? You can vote daily and even send sms in this format… TOYP ADENIRAN to 33811.”

“I didn’t know. I am going to the website now to vote.”

“Thank you.”

“All the best bro.”

PS: I have been nominated by JCI Nigeria as Ten Outstanding Young Persons in Nigeria. Please visithere to vote Adetunji Adeniran or SMS TOYP ADENIRAN to 33811 to vote.

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