Nigerians should be angry…….

Now I know that I would get a lot of attacks because of this headline. Okay, please wait and read the full gist.

Last Friday, we had a send-forth party for one of our directors and when asked what he had to say about his stay in Nigeria. He said he had just one advice for us…. “Nigerians should be angry”. We asked him to expatiate and he went further to explain. “My stay in Nigeria in the past four years has shown that Nigeria has both human and natural resources to be a top notch nation on the planet. How can a country have so many talented and strong people and still be in this mess? It is because the people are not angry enough to challenge status quo. They are too comfortable in their skin”. Everyone nodded in agreement.

I just moved to Lagos and discovered that more than 80% of community tall halls and customary courts have been converted to churches for weekly programs. The first one I noticed is Isheri customary/town Hall that is now a host to RCCG and Olowora (same axis), now occupied by Christ Embassy. How can a country progress or develop when our basic reasoning has been clouded by religion? These community assets are supposed to build values in the system being the closest to the people.

Our value system is fast eroding and the idea of community building no longer appeal to us. We associate with people based on their religious affiliations. Everyone is now about feeding his/her stomach. And the list goes on. History has taught us that to develop a nation, a group of people needs to make a sacrifice. Sacrifice of selflessness, religious tolerance and technology innovations.

There are many things to be angry at in this part of the world. Instead of mentioning them here, I would rather leave it to you to discern and do something about it.

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