What assets do emerging communities have?- (2)

A lot of us today spend a juicy part of our time discussing the inefficiencies in government and governance. We spend those precious times downgrading our systems and institutions and reminding us how we have failed as a country. How does that even make us feel?

Africa is what it is today because we have too many talkers than doers. Everyone is a cook while no one does the actual work. Everybody has an opinion about everything. What if instead of talking in the confine of our comfort zone, each and everyone decides to do something profitable with our time- for both self and the society.

I attended a startup hangout last month where a group of young entrepreneurs came to pitch their ideas. Those guys have great products, fantastic revenue model and a reasonable mastery of technology. But one thing was visibly missing; an understanding of their target markets. They have made great products but for whom? Until you visit your targets and immerse yourself in their culture, only then will you be able to penetrate. Products become great only when it solves the problem of the users. This is why companies invest a lot of cash in market research and survey.

It is very good to want to change the world with your breakthrough ideas. However, the problem is that you will not be the one to use your products. As a technology enthusiast and you want to disrupt the processes and traditional way of doing things, then you have greater task of immersing yourself in that community or society. Investing in Africa to solve African problems requires an understanding of the fundamentals that play in Africa.

This is one of our primary objectives at Hopefield Network. We are investing our time, capital and energy helping you to discover assets in the so called economically poor communities. We take you on a community immersion trip where you can learn and generate solution oriented ideas. Foreign students looking for the next breakthrough ideas for emerging economies will also benefit from the rich contents of this program.

This year, we would be spending some quality time in Osogbo, the capital of State of Osun, Nigeria. This also coincides with the second edition of our annual Children’s day celebration in public primary schools. It would be a week-long immersion program for budding entrepreneurs to discover solvable problems in the community.

We are accepting entries.

Hopefield Network 2017 Children’s Day Celebration.