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I’m a classic lover too. Bear with me as I go through some math. It’s worth it. (If the math is not familiar, ask a nerd friend if I’m telling the truth.)

The human genome consists of about 5x10 ^9 base pairs (5 gbp). For each base pair, there is one of four possibilities, corresponding to the four nucleic acids, guanine, cytosine, thymine and adenine. Thus, each base pair has two bits of information (it takes two bits to count to four: 00, 01, 10, 11). A byte stores 8 bits of information; the equivalent of 4 base pairs. A gigabyte stores 8x10⁹ bits of information, equivalent to 4x10⁹ base pairs. Therefore, 160 gigabytes stores the equivalent of 160x4x10⁹ base pairs, or 640 gbp. Comparing 640 gbp (the size of an ipod) to 5 gbp (the size of the human genome), an ipod can store more than 100 human genomes!

But I just use mine to store all the music I’ve ever owned. :o)

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