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The Horizen Weekly Insider is moving Mondays at 11:30 AM EST/ 3:30 PM UTC. Start your week off right with the latest project updates!

The Horizen Weekly Insider is a public team call. The community is invited to become part of the team and listen in to our live update each week. We have been hosting Weekly Insider live on and for a year now. Based on the feedback we received, we have decided to move our Thursday Weekly Insider to Mondays! We figured, what better day to do that than to start off everyone’s weeks with quick bites of our newest updates.

Each Weekly Insider includes updates from each division and a LIVE Q&A session with the community.

Weekly Insider Agenda:

  • Engineering
  • Node network
  • Product/UX
  • Customer…

ZenHub is the new ZEN faucet, and it is more than a faucet. We created ZenHub with the goal of providing a fun, rewarding, and risk-free experience for everyone to join and explore the Horizen ecosystem. ZenHub provides users with various ways to get free ZEN rewards and learn about Horizen and blockchain technology along the way.

Free ZEN Everyday for Everyone — Risk-Free and Barrier Free!

ZenHub includes the ZEN Faucet that gives free ZEN to everyone everyday! In order to make it easy for everyone, including crypto newbies, the faucet now allows instant claim without a ZEN address! Users don’t have to have a ZEN address to start claiming free ZEN. …

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We are excited to announce two new additions to the Horizen ecosystem: Single Address Staking with Alternate Payout Addresses and the new Horizen Stake Verification Tool.

About Our New Releases

Single Address Staking allows multiple stake amounts for multiple nodes to be ‘stacked’ in one ZEN address. Payouts can be split across up to five ZEN addresses, each with a different percentage of the total earnings. This greatly reduces the management required when running multiple nodes!

  • Only one stake address is needed instead of one for each node
  • The destination address of payouts can be configured, removing the need for batch withdrawal transactions from individual stake…

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The first use case for blockchain technology is digital money. To have a monetary system without central control, you must have a special and sophisticated way to handle all the data produced with each transfer. Imagine if every person could access and modify the databases kept by banks. It would be a disaster.

In order to make decentralized money a reality a method of accounting had to be developed — the UTXO model, also referred to as triple-entry accounting. You can compute every account balance at any time by storing all transactions in a digital ledger.

A digital ledger used for digital money requires a set of properties that were not achievable before blockchain came along. In this article, we will look at how the blockchain handles data and why blockchains special properties partly result from it. …

Horizen and Major League Hacking team up to empower the next generation of technology leaders through digital educational workshops and hackathons!

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We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Major League Hacking, a student-focused hackathon league. Horizen and MLH share a common goal to empower our communities via technology and education. Together we will offer four online workshops a month to student and developer communities around the world to educate attendees about Horizen and blockchain technology, inspire innovation, and teach computer science skills via our open-sourced ecosystem.

MLH has launched their 2021 hackathon season that will feature highly engaging hackathons worldwide, the invite to the first Horizen featured MLH workshop is also out!

The first digital workshop is on Wednesday, August 12th at 12 PM ET! This workshop is open for developers at all levels. …

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Our GitHub organization name has changed from ZencashOfficial to HorizenOfficial . This was one of the final steps to complete our rebranding effort.

About the Update

We completed various sequences of events per GitHub protocol before announcing this change. We made sure this change has as little impact as possible to our community. Links from old repositories at${repository_name } will automatically redirect to${repository _name}.

The exception to this is direct links to our old organization name and GitHub Pages websites such as

Git remotes of locally cloned repositories will also automatically redirect, but we ask everyone to update any references to the old organization name where applicable.

What Has To Be Updated?

One of the core objectives of the Horizen blockchain platform is to make online privacy accessible to as many people as possible. Because secure and private conversations are a huge part of this objective, we have built ZenChat as our first application on the Horizen blockchain platform. ZenChat allows users to communicate 1-on-1 or through group messages and channels. You can choose to send messages from an identifiable address or completely anonymously.

The value of our messaging protocol doesn’t rest only on regular user communication. It also applies to the communication between different clients, nodes, and applications at the protocol level. …

A sidechain is a blockchain in and of itself with the added feature of being interoperable with the main blockchain. Transactions are the most common interaction with a blockchain facilitating a cryptocurrency, such as our current Horizen blockchain. The Engineering team at Horizen, led by Alberto Garoffolo, has proposed a sidechain construction based on proof-of-stake principles. The main innovation is a new backward transfer protocol that allows transactions from one of the possibly many sidechains back to the mainchain, without the mainchain having to track the sidechain and without introducing a centralized federation of validators. …

One of the main engineering challenges in the blockchain space is scalability. Scalability refers to the development of technologies or protocols that can handle more transactions in a given amount of time. While traditional payment networks like Visa can handle thousands of transactions per second, most blockchains can only handle a handful of transactions in the same period of time. This is due to their decentralized nature. All nodes on the network process all the transactions in parallel. This means the least performant node is the limiting factor for the overall performance of the network. …

Horizen has the long-term goal of moving its organizational structure towards a DAO. A DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is software that acts as an organization with a number of predefined rules and procedures.

The rules and procedures that govern the organization are written in code when the DAO is created. The main goal of our DAO is to decentralize the decision making regarding how we spend the funds of our non-profit organization. All community members will be able to submit proposals to receive funding. …


Horizen Official

Horizen is an inclusive ecosystem built on its massively scalable blockchain platform where everyone is empowered and rewarded for their contributions.

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