Merged drafts, report from whole GDG CEE Summit.

I’m sorry but it was very complicated to find some time for writing articles from each day of summit. Now I’m waiting (yesterday) at airport station so it’s the best time for writing it.

Matěj Horák
Oct 10, 2016 · 3 min read

Travelling was OK. I really enjoyed my first flight and it was good that the sky was mixed with clouds so I could see the landscape and the beauty of clouds. The sad fact is a journey to the hotel from airport because it tooks more time than the flight.

After arrival we had a dinner at the hotel and it was time to go to pub called 8'MY KWADRAT. This pub was full of people, full of organizers from other Google Developer Groups. The test of my real English skills started. I was surprised. I had no problem with English. If I remember my high school teacher who said: “You have a very big problem with English”, it’s a little sad and funny but there is still a big place to improve my skills. At the party GDG Jihlava prepared networking game which was very good because it worked! We had to find people who have common interests. That evening I found out how many of developers are musicians and Czech beer is better than beer from Poland.

The official start was on Saturday. There was a lot of great speakers with interesting talks which were full of interesting ideas for GDG community. I hope these ideas will be used! It was very interesting. Other GDGs had same problems for example with Google Developers Site and I had a feel that we started the new era of GDG in CEE. For example I’m looking forward to GDG PAIN project.

In the evening was party with local products…

Next day arrived Dan Franc. It was very special to see him because he was the first person who spoke with me about my GDG starts. His talks changed my view at GDG program in Czech Republic. It was very inspirational and I have a vision for GDG Brno. Let’s make it real!

The summit ended after lunch.

I have to say the summit was amazing! A big thanks to the organizers, speakers and attendees. New people, new ideas and new experience, the GDG CEE summit in Warsaw.

Matěj Horák

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Software developer focused on clean code, functional programming and testing. Inspiration and tips about SW development!

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