We want to share this comprehensive resource for all things food related in Astoria and LIC. The community has come together and compiled this regularly updated guide with tons of useful information. Whether you or someone you know needs meals or groceries in any capacity, then we hope you find these guides to be indispensable. Just click on your location!


3 Ways to prepare so you’re ready when this is over.

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Recently, the federal government and New York State have deemed Real Estate an “essential” service. Real Estate has been, and always will be a pillar of our economy. Equally important is the many who have serious, pressing, and sometimes urgent needs that require the purchase and sale of a property. Not being able to do this could have a tremendously negative impact on those in need of such a transaction.

For one reason or another, regardless of what is going on in the world, there’s always someone with a need to buy, sell, or rent a property. Some of you may have been in the process before the recent events of the current pandemic, and others may have been getting ready to do so. …

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