How to Bet the 2017 Kentucky Derby

American Pharoah at Churchill Downs (Churchill Downs Photo/Coady)
The Kentucky Derby is the first leg of the Triple Crown, which tends to attract a wide-range of excited bettors looking to kick off their Triple Crown betting experience. With the amount of interest surrounding the Kentucky Derby we wanted to give you a rundown on the different ways you can bet on the Run for the Roses.

Where to Bet on the Kentucky Derby

On Track

You can bet the Kentucky Derby on track at Churchill Downs via betting kiosks known as SAM (self-automated teller machines) and at live mutual stations. You can only bet with cash or vouchers at these machines and stations.

Mobile App

Looking for a way to bet the Kentucky Derby straight from your phone? Then download the Churchill Downs Racetrack app powered by VenueNext and partnered with TwinSpires. The app allows you to bet straight from your phone. You can download it for free on iTunes and Google Play.

Desktop Website

For a simple, non-mobile betting experience you can visit, which is the Kentucky Derby’s official wagering site. At TwinSpires, not only will you be able to bet on the Kentucky Derby, but you can also keep current with all the Kentucky Derby news and receive handicapping information or watch race replays. Additionally, check out the clean layout of

The Kentucky Derby (Churchill Downs Photo/Coady)

Types of Kentucky Derby Bets

Now that you are aware of how to bet on the Kentucky Derby it’s time to shift our attention on the types of bets you can make.

Straight Bets

As the name implies, a straight bet is where you place a bet on one horse to achieve one outcome. With a straight bet, your horse doesn’t have to win, they just have to finish in the top-three.

The three types of straight bets are win, place, show. Placing a win bet means the horse you bet on has to win. A place bet means your horse has to finish in first or second. A show bet means your horse has to finish in first, second, or third. The degree of risk involved from a win bet to a show bet also reduces the odds and the amount of money you can win since it’s a safer type of bet.


A parlay is a form of betting where you bet on multiple horses to achieve specific outcomes. Types of parlay bets you can make are Exacta (your horses must finish in first and second), Trifecta (your horses must finish in first, second, and third, and in the exact order), and Superfecta (like a trifecta, but you also have to nail your fourth horse). Some tracks even allow a Pentafecta or Super Hi-5 bet (first five horses to cross the finish line).

We hope you have a clearer understanding on where and how to bet on the Kentucky Derby after reading our betting guide. May the odds be in your favor.