3 Top Tools You Will Need This Fall

Fall tools to make gardening easier.

The Fall season brings on new scents and smells, cooler weather, and a change in your gardening activities.

Each gardener every Fall starts thinking about the season to come and what will be needed in their different areas of their yard. Some will be enthralled with new plantings or the clean and refreshing look of pruned or shaped plants. Others will be manically weeding and spreading mulch around their most prized perennials and evergreens. Whether you plan to do any of these activities or are thinking completely different, there are three tools you will need this fall to perform most if not all of your duties to get your garden Fall ready. Here are my top three gardening tools I use in the Fall.

  1. Rake — There are different kinds of rakes, but two specifically will be your trusted companion. A Garden or Hard-Rake and a Fan or Leaf-Rake. On those wet, cool, and windy days when you are raking together newly pulled weeds, making piles of leaves, spreading mulch, creating furrows and rows for cool season crops, or spreading gravel in your new walking path, rakes are the tool to use.
  2. Shovel — How could any gardener be without their handy, trusted, favorite shovel? They come in all shapes and sizes. From long-handled to short, from round to flat to longer-than-wide to lord-only-knows. They can be used for planting new plants and bulbs in their new garden homes, to dig specifically for bulb depths, edging, leveling, and trenching for vegetables.
  3. Hand Pruners or Clippers — Have you ever met a plant that didn’t need to be trimmed, cut, reduced, shaped, raised, thinned, or cleaned? Me either! Plants in the fall are in much need of pruning and shaping from all their Spring and Summer growth, when you didn’t want to prune them too much and you might have gotten busy enjoying the end of your Summer. These come in handy when transplanting and placing new plants in your landscape to clean up circling roots or root-bound plants from the nursery.

Those are my 3 Top Garden Tools for the Fall. Check out Kobalt handtools! Durable and well-made! What would be your 3-Top garden tools for the Fall?

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