In a southwest part of China, the hotel which has already drawn a lot of attention to itself with a possibility of payment of his services in cryptocurrency of Ethereum has opened. An institution carries the name “Yitai” that in translation means “ETH hotel”.

It is supposed that Yitai is the first hotel in China and, possibly, around the world, to the allowing lodgers to pay off with air. …

Opera developers have presented the desktop browser with the built-in Ethereum-wallet. Service is available to use on the Mac, Linux or Windows operating systems already now. It was reported in the official blog of the company. According to developers, the new product will easily interact with the Web 3.0 browser started this summer for Android which also includes the built-in crypto wallet. At the same time, users shouldn’t establish and adjust special expansion in the desktop browser.

Service will be connected to a mobile application after scanning of a special QR code. Payment or transactions of cryptocoins is made by means of the protected system of phone blocking which allows to sign transactions using fingerprints. At the same time, keys, asset managers, are stored only in the user’s phone. Representatives of Opera have noted that the browser has included support of various decentralized applications, like CryptoKitties. …

Make the direct transactions from bitcoin network to Lightning Network and back. In the future such opportunities will become available also to other cryptocurrencies.

Very few people know, that usual bitcoin address is incompatible with those that are used in Lightning network. It doesn’t allow to make direct payments and demands special transactions. Alex Bosuort, studying work of the atomic swaps allowing to interact to blockchains of various cryptocurrencies without intermediaries, has come to a conclusion that the similar principles can be applied to Lightning Network.

Alex expects that all users of cryptocurrency will use technology soon that will allow to apply it to sending any digital currencies. …



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