IntelliJ IDEA Mac OS X Keymap

Using new software can be frustrating since we are not familiar with the shortcuts etc. I found the keymap of IntelliJ IDEA Mac OS X and listed some useful ones (at least to me) below.

Mac key symbols are confusing to me so I replaced it with the names of the keys.


Command + F1 = Show descriptions of error or warning at caret

Control + option+ | = Auto-indent line(s) ,

Tab / Shift +Tab = Indent/unindent selected lines

Command +W = Close active editor tab


Command +F = Find

Command +G = Find next

Command +Shift+G = Find previous

Command +R = Replace

Compile and Run

Control + R = Run


Shift + F6 = Rename


Command + S = Save all

Complete IntelliJ IDEA Mac OS X Keymap:

Mac key symbols: