“Us, creatives”: An Argument Against Picking Mediums

“Sluggish, lazy, stupid, and unconcerned” — the exact words Frank Ocean’s mom would’ve used to describe a fellow creative who hadn’t declared their preferred medium yet.

Somewhere along the line, I stopped drawing. Like video production before it, and countless other creative outlets since, the drop-off didn’t really come as a surprise or shock and to be quite honest it didn’t really change much for me. I’ve always been more of a “rather know a little about a lot, than a lot about a little” type person, and my creative journey has never been any different.

Something I drew a long time ago, when I was first finding out that I might be creative in any regard whatsoever. (Circa, 2014, maybe)
“What do you live for?” — corny, yet kinda necessary to ask yourself every now and then.

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