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even scientists sense there’s just got to be way more to what we are and the wheres and what for, but their very scientific method forces them to preclude such flights of fancy.

And math is the biggest arbitrary convenient contrivance of all, practically a lie, certainly a prison cell

I’m not familiar with the twister guy, though, he clearly fits into the category of those who sense there is more.

I just wanted to point out about the ray of light thing, there is no such thing as a ray of light, what there is is your view point which can only receive a ray of light, the man next to you, seems to also perceive a ray of light from the same source, science seems to say it is the same light, but we know it can’t be, because you are standing there and I am here, and he is over there.

light actual emerges and expands outfrom a particular souce in all directions, roughly spherical, though not uniform due to other condition the light run into on its path of promulgation.

but that been said, a moment of reflection will help you realize we have no actual intercourse with light at all, all we get is our minds replication of something it picks up on out there through our sense channels.

That goes for the entire EM band, it’s obvious to anyone paying the slightest attention, that eg., dogs, cats, trees, and plants, fish, rocks, all perceive or receive it differently.

Anyway, I enjoyed your romp here, and I take a subtle pleasure in realizing my original observation inspired your quite cogent piece.

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