Garden Sun

catching sunrise in my garden is the only way to start my day, or finish my night, depending on my disposition, what do I mean, you tell me, you ever been in a garden at sunrise? You get to see the flowers start to bloom, the dew glisten, the birds singing, but don’t be fooled, it’s a fight for survival underneath all that beauty, it’s a jungle!

The plants fight over everything from sunlight, water, nutrients in the soil as root system compete, to getting their seed produced and spread. Of course the birds help, they eat the seed of say a ripe tomato still hanging on the vine and then based on the what goes around comes around principle, the seed is dropped who knows where and a new tomato life has a chance to volunteer somewhere.

Gardeners try to mitigate the harshness of this struggle with irrigation and fertilizer, plant food and intelligent furrows that allow all plants to receive adequate sun, it’s not like a big tree which as new leaves and branches emerge the ones underneath are sacrificed and dropped. choked and strangled is more like it, brutal, heartless yet it pushes the tree itself onto greater survival potential, out of the ashes of past life new life emerges, or some such, you know, a gratuitous quasi religio-philosophic gloss.

Time to grab some fruit from out here and eat something myself, a strawberry, a stop by the grape trellis, maybe a tomato the birds missed, maybe some corn for lunch and egg or two from the chickens and maybe milk a cow, grab some bacon, make bread, you know I’m just making this all up, the best part is watching the sun rise in the sky and slowly turn the night lavender a deep blue and ‘sigh’ as the silhouettes of the night shadows turn into a full 3 dimensional reality under the day sky. how can the same world be so different literally moment to moment, it’s easy, it’s never the same moment twice, but there is a pattern sort of, a routine even.

Well. back to the house, back to politics, back to the manic depressive bi polar reality of the human creation that passes for civilization these days, frankly, I can’t remember the last time I was in a garden for real, but then, who needs real when you got a blog?

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