Not so bad.
Astride Noel

happiness is, it’s existential, it’s only you that can take it away from yourself.

you can take it away from yourself by, listening too much to others, failing to make the expectations others decide to have for you that you accept, like in sex, where this conversation started with your fine blog.

I suspect you have tuned into your own inner voice, learned to recognize and then discard the cognitive dissonance that arises from allowing all the other voices coming from outside an equal standing with your own inner voice.

I think I like you, too bad we can’t meet someday and take a walk, and listen to nature, watch the sun and the moon, waves washing over the sand, but then maybe urban is your thing, so a walk along the river downtown, restaurants, live music drifting out onto the street, figuring out the graffi and wall art, and those bright lights.

I appreciate your thoughtfulness, and even your taking time to write with me here.

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