Oh no. I’ve never been in love, I’ve never thought I was in love, nor have I approached it in any…
Astride Noel

I wish I could tell you that learning about people, sex, being experienced, growing up, having a career, and success, etc. was a sure prescription for happiness, I can’t, but it can be, maybe it will be for you, if that’s your path

But just like so many married couples that got married for all the wrong reasons, many are still married and somehow happy in spite of all the mistakes. I think the best life is a matter of who knows what? you make your bed, one way or another, but it’s really up to you to be comfortable in it.

Happiness is not just a destination, an accomplishment, though it is that, it’s also a journey, a seeking, or, it may be just what you have been all along and just didn’t know it.

I’m going for pithy here, how’d I do? lol

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