Massive Arecibo study subtracts the galaxy; reveals a pristine Universe
Ethan Siegel

If a Big, or small Bang even, had at some point emerged from the darkness, like a thought impulse, and there was no one there to perceive it, would it have still happened?

Where did all the matter come from? And the temperature? Was it there at the first? evidently the speed of light has no acceleration curve, it’s just there, so was temperature too? Was all this instantaneous or did the temp arise the usual wAys by interacting with Matter and speeds with a friction or something, maybe friction with the dark itself helped create the temps,

The Bang is thought of as an event in the past, truth might be this Bang was not a Bang at all, it is simply an on going emergence from the darkness itself, up through the quantum uncertainties and spiraling down through to the speed of light and all EM limits, boxing us in and yet sustaining us, however I wonder, is the price too high?

The idea that the galaxy is the impurity which keeps us from perceiving our true nature has a resonance that goes beyond just messing up science gizmos and machines

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