What if cosmic inflation is wrong?
Ethan Siegel

it’s almost easier to explain red shifting as a property of light energy and our perception of it than it is to imagine a universe expanding out from some point of singularity. Whatever point means? whatever a singularity containing a whole universe, or at least the potential, might mean?

However, it’s slowly dawning on our species that we’ve been trapped in a box we have decided to call, of all things, a universe, and in this box we have all been alloted some 70 years as a charitible average to try and escape. That’s right, it is inherent in our species that once we realize we are in a trap and being handled, contained and controlled quite efficiently in it, that we try and escape. That we go all who what and why and try and get to the bottom of things and right them for ourselves and the ones we love.

It is ironic that the self same education will foster this yearning to transcend in some, but in most, will placate, condemn to docility and compliance to a certain twisted learned, regimented, comfort within the chains.

The best of science seems to be the former, but too much is also the latter.