I am not a lampshade.
Marisa Kabas

just one little quibble, the Jews did not liberate themselves from hitler’s ovens, people like my father did who served in the US military in what history refers to as WW2. the true story of the rise of hitler is a little skewed towards the poor oppressed in germany who fell for hitler’s line and not the rich international class who financed and created him, that’s fine, but that was not my father. then we get a UN and a state if israel, and now these are my father’s legacy as his service and sacrifice made them possible

the problem those of us who maintain this legacy is, that would be us, the sons and daughters of our fathers, we are forced to see the hate we destroyed, hitler, was simply replaced by another and we grapple with the solutions to this and yes, that will be our legacy. a legacy we would like to say our fathers could be proud of, as we would like to be proud of having maintained it and passing it on, but so far, mixed results to say the least.

Sadly though, while we are unflinching in our resolve, we also know there is almost too much work to be done, with nothing happening.

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