The foolish optimism of thinking dark matter is about to be detected
Ethan Siegel

Oh please, the darkness hides right in plain sight.

You need not create the darkness or explain where it comes from, it has always been here and is always here especially when you can’t see it.

The darkness is my friend, I invite and welcome the darkness when I wish to sleep well, the darkness envelopes me at this time, it provides the back drop that lets me perceive my dreams.

In actual fact, if you look closely, you can watch your very thought impulses emerge from the darkness just before they interact with the mental machinery where they are then embroidered, embellished and sheathed with words.

The darkness welcomes the light, allows the light to have passage in its eternal, infinite, domain, the real question can only be, but for how long?

The darkness however is patient and long suffering and has compassion while the quantum and the energies fret and shiver their way to their they know not where or what.

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