Ask Ethan: Which Fundamental Science Question Is The Most Important?
Ethan Siegel

perhaps an even more fundamental question is, why don’t we know these things so fundamental that relate to our existence. Why are the what should be simple essentials to living so hidden from us, like what are we and where did we come from and how were we made, and what is all this life stuff going on around us? and what’s up with our eating the so much of it? What is this place where we live and what is this living to the bigger picture.

And if there is life elsewhere out there, perhaps other beings like ourselves, why can’t we know them or at least know about them, and if they are there we are all clearly isolated from each other, and if so, what’s up with that.

Our lack of knowing and seeming inability to know reality is as big a mystery as the mysteries themselves. Or, a question we can’t answer.

And all this without even touching upon the truly biggest mystery, which is dying, we all live in this darkness and then die.

So, at least dying is the mystery that each one of us, alone, will have unfolded, revealed, for us each in turn, perhaps there these other mysteries will demystify, or not.

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