Break the Standard Model? An ultra-rare decay threatens to do what the LHC can’t
Ethan Siegel

science will never see that this underlying fabric of the universe, that “thing” in empty space is nothing more nor less than life itself.

The universe is life for life and all answers and riddles start and end there, but since science somehow manages to leave it out, life, we get this and that known and unknown etc.

Life enters and exits this middling dimension through these particles and quantums, stars, bio diversity, planets, light spheres, etc. basically just appearing somehow.

(Light is not in a beam or linear, it expands out from its origin in all directions and maybe more, it’s more like a sphere. It only appears as a point or a line to us as we perceive from our single point of reality replication. think about it, when we stand next to each other and see the same light, we only see the same light source, not the exact same beam, one beam goes to your brain replication system and one will go to mine.)

The colliders with their deconstructionisms show much, but that border line, that dimensional demarcation, we miss, sort of like how we miss when an embryo comes alive, it’s always alive but that’s not what I’m getting at.

The way life enters this dimension and grabs clothes, matter, is what we’re trying to get at.