Eight other worlds in our solar system might have life beyond Earth
Ethan Siegel

the 2nd from bottom paragraph is what’s significant in this article to me, resonates, it’s clear that life didn’t just start here on earth either, no, it was arranged, and while the raw ingredients may have indeed been brought from other celestial bodies the actual transformative spark is still what we’re looking for.

And even at that the prospect of infinite regression then takes hold asking “if not here then where” did life actually originate, fair enough.

Only one answer satisfies me so far, and that is, the entire cosmos was predated by life, it was life that expanded the time space continuum and supplied the attractions or laws necessary for matter to agglutinate and form stars, planets, moons, and dust, love that dust.

life is infinite, everything else is at best, infinity — 1

while not scientific, most truth isn’t, scriptures, and other ancient writings all point to not just a creation event, but a series of them, the skies being rolled up like a scroll, and then, viola! rolled back out again.

Hello Life, I may not just be more a part of the sky than the ground, but I may actually be more of another entire dimension then just this one.

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