We All Want Healthcare To Cost Much Less — But We Are Asking The Wrong Question
Joe Flower

the price escalation of healthcare began in earnest by government involvement with medicare and medicaid and the rest, first, which aggravated prices, which in turn benefitted insurance making it more of a necessity than luxury, which basically “financialized” healthcare which is where we are today, with healthcare literally being in not just another economic level, but a whole entire new dimension removed from the economy where the vast majority of us live.

Obamacare was a a huge step in the wrong direction.

Get the gov cash cow out, that would start to neuter wall street insurance interests and healthcare suddenly being forced to deal with those that live in their communities one on one again, with no bureaucrats, HMO’s etc. the prices would come back down to earth.

Oe has no one noticed that whatever endeavor government involves itself with the economics goes nuts

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