Hubble Views The Final Frontier For Dark Matter
Ethan Siegel

there is no absolute reason to assume that light always moves out infinitely until blocked or stopped, for one thing light doesn’t move in a straight line, it moves as a giant ever expanding sphere as in all known directions and perhaps more. There is no reason to think that it won’t at some point just diffuse and quit. I’m sure it does, it must, other wise we’d all be blind.

It also moves through space and time as well as gravity fields and whatever else is out there hanging around forging our dimensional limits.

Gravity also must emanate in all directions as some kind of spherical kinetic field. No straight lines or vectors, though these are included.

I’m wondering if (space time) is some kind of static field or if they possess vibrations, undulations, reactions, motion, activity of some kind, in and of itself, not just as a reaction to mass and gravity?

I’d venture to say that most light never reaches us at all.

But is there this underlying, out of sight fabric, beneath space, time, and gravity even, that connects all we are and see and don’t see? This dark matter? Which perhaps in its dimension, everything is a solid, a connected solid, perhaps a being of some kind, we’re just an infection of some kind to it.

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