Renewables are no longer ‘alternative.’ Fossil fuels are ‘legacy.’
David Bank

we’re in a tough spot, but in spite of all the progress made, the lynch pin of modern life is still the distribution of goods, and that is still only powered viably, feasibly, economically, by the carbon based, combustible, fossil fuels, gas and diesel.

we all long for the day, when the 24/7 combustion of the carbon based energies ceases and the viable, reliable, better even, replacement begins to transport our modern world, keeping our grocer shelves stocked and the latest iPhones coming to a Best Buy near you.

But not yet, it ain’t here yet, it just hasn’t been invented, discovered, so until then, I believe most will choose the modern life with the carbon than trying to do without it.

But I can imagine it, walking out the door on that second day and taking a deep, pure, breath, and looking up into a true blue sky, shimmering with sun light, so serene and yet active, warm, pleasant, what a glorious day that will be, in my lifetime?, probably not, but I can see it from here, I can dream of it

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