Ask Ethan: What happens when a black hole’s singularity evaporates?
Ethan Siegel

What we are really asking, what we are dancing around, is the universe a finite energy matrix or does more energy come in from outside?

More energy does come in from outside and it started the day this universe began, or it has always been coming in inter dimensionally

And that’s what we are really hoping to finally see with these colliders and telescopes, the border line between dimensions and the crossing over of power.

The demarcation of darkness and glory

The sun is a key, that’s why you can’t stare at the sun, it is a portal to a higher dimension which feeds this dark dimension.

It’s also where the life equation starts too.

But it gets more interesting, in the entire cosmos there is only one planet covered with water and teeming with bio life diversity vehicles. Where is that? You ask? Where indeed!