Killing Freemium is the Worst Thing for Artists
Cortney Harding

A very nicely written and interesting article. Spot on about the topic.

Simply, the elimination of the free streaming services would greatly benefit superstar artists, and the folks who dominate the mass music industry.

Keeping the free services, or a world where they expand even more helps everyone else. Artists, who get to create, share and make some profit from their work. Either through live shows, merchandise or patreon style mass patronage. Fans because they not only get to listen to the music they enjoy more cheaply. But far more importantly they can actually find the music they enjoy. Not select which of the few dozen mega-artists created by the industry that comes closest to the taste of the individual fan.

There are songs in my spotify playlists that are by artists who were completely unknown to me, and who it would at first glance appear so unlikely for me to find interesting or amusing in some way, that there is less than zero chance I would have paid money up front to sample their music. I cannot be alone in this regard.