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According to the latest market research study, the global gaming industry is roughly valued at $483 billion and experts expect this industry to grow over the next decade at 4.1% CAGR. While the highest contribution is from land based gaming, the igaming market is pegged at $47.7 billion.

In Spite of the mind-boggling numbers, the online gaming industry fails to leverage its potential due to the numerous inefficiencies of the business model. Trust and transparency have been the long lingering problems for online gamers. …

Online gaming has long been gaining popularity and market share, but there are still major problem areas that prevent the industry from realizing it’s complete potential.

The lack of trust, anonymity, and scalability has for long deterred the centralized gaming industry from realizing it’s full potential. This entire set-up provides numerous opportunities for all the parties to cheat on the other, thus creating a serious lack of trust on the system. The issue of trust in these wagering-based gaming model have long prevented higher levels of participation from the players.

Host.Games infrastructure leverages blockchain to solve most of the critical…

Everything about gaming seems to be getting bigger and better. Every year, flashier graphics are combined with better physics engines, featuring more captivating stories and improved progression systems. However, this big-budget trend has meant the industry essentially survives on micro transactions and in-game item purchases. In fact, this model has been so successful that even indie developers often forego the price of the game itself, adopting a “Free to Play” but “Pay to Win” model.

The effect of this disruption is that gamers are making more in-game purchases. In 2018, the Candy Crush series passed $1.5 billion in revenue through…

Gaming, one of the major industries on the globe, is ripe for advancement. In 2017, the igaming market was pegged at $47.7 billion, which is expected to hit $81 billion by 2022. Yet the industry is suffering from numerous inefficiencies caused by an outdated business models that no longer fulfil the needs of modern gamers.

Despite the large numbers of casinos, players are deprived of variety as all gaming platforms are powered by the same process and look the same. …

When the first ping-pong game was released by Atari, decades ago, its success marked the beginning of the modern video game industry. Who would have prophesied that gaming would move to the domain of teenagers on home consoles and would eventually find its way to a wider population through smartphones and tablets?

We all agree to the fact that games are more than a way to entertain or pass time. Instead, they represent a lifestyle, a challenge in which the desire to win, to be the best, drives the market. …

The online casino gaming industry is flourishing with no sign of slowing down. With over 2.2 billion gamers spread across the globe, online gaming involving wagering, or iGaming, has always been in the limelight due to its ubiquitous appeal. The popularity of social media and iGaming are intertwined — the social aspect of gaming is now being recognized by players and developers. In fact, over 53% of players feel that gaming helps them connect with friends. …

If you love playing poker, blackjack, roulette or any of those games then transparency is something you should take seriously. The last thing you want is to lose because of a sloppy shuffle, a faulty table or even worse, casino cheating. At an offline casino you can always ask the dealer to reshuffle or let you cut the deck. This simple act evens out the field and reduces any cheating act by the house or players.

You cannot cut the deck while playing online. The best you can do is trust that the software is not rigged. You will have…

Historically, owning your own casino came with a huge barrier to entry. The average person simply didn’t have it in their cards (pun intended).

To open a ‘brick-and-mortar’ operation took years of permitting, zoning, raising capital, architectural plans, engineering plans, designers, decorators, staffing, etc. You needed experienced dealers, security, and servers. It’s essentially a small city. Oh, and insurance. So much insurance. You’re looking at millions spent before opening the door.

For an online casino, there’s code, code, and more code; good programmers aren’t cheap. And there’s marketing. The cost of customer acquisition has become prohibitive for operators who are…

Running rigged systems where the code does not emulate real life odds is, for better or worse, the status quo of online casinos. Instances of rigged games are all too common. In a world where technology can make the world a better place, can blockchain keep wagering games honest?

Traditional casinos profit on ‘the house edge,’ paying out on the longest odds and ultimately profiting anywhere from two to twenty-four percent in sum. John Geare explains, “a flipped coin will land in one of three ways: either heads, or tails, or on its edge…but what is the probability of an…

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