Discover The Social Side Of Online Gaming!

Malta-based startup Host.Games is bringing a novel idea to an age-old industry: anyone can host virtual casino games for their friends and online social networks. Now you can win or lose to people you know instead of a bunch of randos online. If you really want to hedge your bets, you can host the game and make money when your friends lose. Players will have the option to host all types of games including baccarat, bridge, black jack and several other categories of games. more.

“Hosting” in games like World of Warcraft and Call of Duty has helped to drive engagement for group-play over the Internet by requiring a player to ‘host’ each round. Hosting in this context is considered a prestigious and serious responsibility. Once a host is assigned, new players fill slots until each competition round is full. The game commences, and if the host’s internet connection breaks, or worse, mom comes in during the round and ends the game, that’s seriously embarrassing!

But it wasn’t always this way. Video games began as a solo pursuit. Originally, multiplayer games meant taking turns, switching players between “lives” or “rounds”. Once networked computers arrived on the scene, people began playing each other in real-time instead of battling a program. These days, nearly all games have become MMORPGs, either competing or collaborating with other players, both locally or around the world.

In these environments, friends gather as a team to battle it out against similar teams, defeating one another over the ether. New friendships are forged, often by people who will never meet in real life, and these loyalties are tested and strengthened through the process.

Why Are Friendships Important in Online Casino Games?

Games have always been social by nature. It’s always more fun to play with friends than on your own or with a group of strangers. After all, what’s more fun than competitive banter between friends?

Based on Host.Games’s extensive research on this topic, the introduction of a hosting feature is a game-changer. For the most devoted casino game players who aspire to become their own host, Host.Games allows you to create an event with a specific time, invite people, set the rake, and communicate with one another as the game commences.

Just imagine having a legitimate poker night with your best buds, making a killing or taking a loss, keeping the rake when it’s done, and the only person you have to clean up after is yourself. If anyone tries to tell you this isn’t a fantastic time to be alive, sign them up for Host.Games They’ll thank you later.

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