Here’s Why Blockchain’s Biggest Potential Lies in Gaming

Host Games
Oct 30, 2018 · 2 min read

It’s no secret that blockchain has game-changing applications across multiple industries. Everything from financial records, supply-chain management, and business contracts can be upgraded using blockchain technology. The same is true for online gaming.

The reason?

Blockchain directly solves the gaming industry’s biggest problems, such as:

  • The lack of trust and transparency that’s pervasive in traditional gaming economies, has always prevented the industry from acquiring more serious players.
  • Centralized game developers and large corporations keep making homogenous games — the same genres, the same minor updates, and the same repackaged titles every year.
  • Online games are filled with bots and serious professionals. Opponents like these result in poor experiences for new players, preventing games from having augmented growth in their user-bases.

With decentralization in gaming:

  • Players are assured of the security of their items and digital currencies in games, thanks to immutable blockchains.
  • Any developer can showcase their talent and produce truly vibrant games in a wide variety of genres, because of low costs and no entry barrier.
  • The ability to Host your own game with the Host.Games platform at the click of a button, means that you can adjust the rules to your liking, ensuring fair and balanced gameplay.
  • Because of this, the worlds of gaming and blockchain are becoming increasingly intertwined. The crypto-gaming industry is expected to grow to a whopping $143 billion in the next two years alone.

This handy infographic details the already explosive growth of blockchain gaming:

With so many gamers realizing the potential of blockchain, it’s only a matter of time before the industry makes a massive shift towards decentralized platforms.

The gaming industry is dictated by its main consumers — gamers. By resolving a plethora of pain points in gaming, such as trust and settlement issues, Host.Games can remove the barrier to entry for all consumers.

It’s clear that the crypto industry sees the potential of blockchain gaming. Do you?

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