Host.Games is transforming the future of fantasy sports. Here’s how

Fantasy sports is not a very old name in the list of growing industries, the term summarises the idea of people participating and earning money via online methodologies. The basic concept is to create a team of players, as you like, and once it’s done and the teams are ready to play, the scores of players is defined by how they perform in the real world game.

It is a growing industry that’s evolving in its own ways with merits and fall backs. On one hand users get to follow the games they like, get engaged, compete with other players and finally, win money — but the risk of frauds and security persevere. There are big problems encompassing the market of fantasy sports, like insider trading, fair plays as well as licensing, and they are growing as the industry grows.

If fantasy sports could move away from these problems then it would assert itself as a game that can be more widely enjoyed.

Blockchain is removing the ‘Bad’ from the ‘Good’

With blockchain, fantasy sports could be more transparent, secure and trustable. Here’s how Blockchain will help:

Establishing trust

Blockchain provides increased data security as transactions cannot be altered by an intermediary. Even the operator doesn’t have access to edit this data. Moreover, there’s an open record of all transactions done, so people can see it all in open ledger. We believe this is the stepping stone towards building trust.


Blockchain’s decentralised nature makes it immune to attacks like denial of service and many other that cause technological breakdowns. This is because there’s no single point of failure, deriving the fact that all necessary user protection tools are always available and effective.


As the blockchain ledger is open and public, anyone can get in to ensure that it’s working according to the defined protocols. The users will have complete access to the transactions being made on the system and query it.

Host games will

1) Create a currency that is unique in the fantasy gaming ecosystem, for use in payouts and creating fun competitions

2) Distinguish Host platform by offering a unique range of games and possible token use-cases

3) Let players create their own custom competitions and groups using Host tokens as a prize for winning

It can be as easy as inviting your own friends and playing with them. Instead of competing with the world, a user can choose to form a league and invite friends to play with. This makes the system fairer.

The platform will be driven by our gamified token ‘Host’. Host token can be traded for entry tickets to fantasy sports games. Host Games is providing an alternative to fantasy sports gaming, which has been generally used by online format of competitive stakes play. By using the host tokens over random free play points, players globally can access competitive fantasy gaming with meaningful tangible prizes without relying on any sports betting platform.

Moreover, because Host.Games utilises the Blockchain technology to create a trustworthy system, it removes all aspects of equivalent risks. In fact, players have the option to move funds outside the platform into their external wallets or any asset exchange platform they prefer.

Fantasy sports and Host.Games is poised to bring the very best in the industry. Offering traditional salary cap sized gameplay in addition to unique ways to play new fantasy sports games.

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