Host Games is Transforming the Tradition of Online Gaming. Know how:

Host Games
Feb 18, 2019 · 2 min read
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Gaming, one of the major industries on the globe, is ripe for advancement. In 2017, the igaming market was pegged at $47.7 billion, which is expected to hit $81 billion by 2022. Yet the industry is suffering from numerous inefficiencies caused by an outdated business models that no longer fulfil the needs of modern gamers.

Despite the large numbers of casinos, players are deprived of variety as all gaming platforms are powered by the same process and look the same. Platform owners set the rules and don’t allow players to change them in any way, meaning players are in a disadvantage right from the start.

A the greater part of gamblers lose cash fast, get bored, and look out for a fresh experience. But all they get is another platform with a bright external and the same chaos inside.

Meet Host Games

Host Games is changing the game, offering a totally new model: a gaming platform supervised by the players, who host all the games, including card games, poker rooms, competitions, slots, lotteries — you name it! It’s the players who establishes the rules, determines the standards, run the games, and get a larger part of the profit.


Who’s the owner?

The owner is the one hosting a game. Anyone can host a game with Host tokens and invite their network to play on it. While they play, the rakes generated are automatically transferred to the Host’s account through smart contract. This further helps the platform to automate user acquisition.

Who defines the rules?

The guidelines of the games are set by the players/Host. The Host monitors the games, makes sure there’s no cheating or dumping happening. They simply perform all the jobs of a moderator.

Who gets the money?

The one who hosts the games gets all the rakes and the winners are credited with their respective winnings.

What sort of games?

Any game that requires a wager will be a part of host games. Anything from esports to social gaming to fantasy sports will be a part of Host Platform.


Host Tokens will be used for all transactions on Host platform. This basically means everyone who plays or plans to host a game must pay through Host tokens. A small amount tokens will be burned with every transaction, decreasing the total number of tokens.

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